Thursday, February 2, 2012

turkey tacos

After spinning last night (holy cow, Spinning Steve, you got me again!), I went home to cook dinner.  I made turkey tacos!  I used ground lean turkey, taco seasoning and that's literally it.  I used what I had on hand, so I chopped up some green onion, white onion, lettuce, some jalapenos, a tiny bit of cheese, some taco sauce to top it all off and I used wheat tortillas.  It was very quick and easy, yet delicious.  I very much so recommend using turkey, you can barely taste the difference and it's healthier.  I had 2 tacos and some carrots on the side.
 I made the full pound of turkey on purpose so that I would have left overs.  For dinner tonight, I put some of the turkey over spinach and romaine lettuce with some veggies and it's all ready to eat tonight at Jess' house! 

p.s. I did add a handful of spinach leaves in my smoothie this morning - it was so good!  I could barely taste the spinach!  


  1. Wow...That is so healthy but it looks filling! You've inspired me to make some turkey tacos soon! Loving your healthy recipes on the blog!