Thursday, February 9, 2012

add a little pesto

Ok, first things first.  Dinner last night was a new recipe, which turned out pretty well!  I felt like I've been denying all carbs lately, so I used whole wheat pasta to make a chicken and pesto dish. 

1.  In a little olive oil, I sauteed red peppers (that's what I had on hand), onion, chopped garlic, a little basil and broccoli until the veggies were soft and then I set the mixture aside. 

 2.  I boiled some water for the whole wheat pasta as I was cooking 2 small pieces of chicken in the same pan that I cooked the veggies in.  Once the water was boiling, I added in the pasta.  
3.  Once the chicken was almost finished cooking, I cut the pieces into smaller bite size pieces and added the veggies back into the pan with the chicken on medium. 

3.  Once the pasta was cooked through, I then added that into the pan as well. 
4.  I added about 2 1/2 tablespoons of pesto sauce that I got from the store last week and let that cook with everything for another minute.  
5.  DONE. : ) So good!
  p.s. my hands STILL smell like garlic from last night... I need the chopper!

DO NOT read any further if you watch, but have not seen last nights episode of Revenge and/or Battle of the Exes!

Now, Revenge...
I thought last nights episode was soooo good!  A lot happened and it was intense.  I'm happy that Charlotte now knows the truth about her biological dad and that Victoria is once again looked at by everyone as the evil person she is.  I also want Jack and Emily (the real Amanda) to love each other!  I can't believe next weeks episode is already the engagement party that we saw a glimpse of on the very first episode!  What d you think will happen?  I can't wait to see!

Battle of the Exes was pretty good, too.  I liked the trivia questions challenge a lot and I was actually happy that Paula and Dunbar finally got to be the "power couple" so that we could finally stop listening to Paula complain all the time.  Bye bye, Leroy and Naomi... it was your time to go, for sure.  Go Emily!  I love her.  I think she's an awesome competitor and also super nice... watch out, Paula!  It's war now, honey!  Ty on the other hand...he scares me!  Who will go home next week?  It better not be my favs, CT and Diem! ; )

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