Wednesday, January 25, 2012

little bro is growing up

Yesterday afternoon, I got a very exciting text message from my mom saying, "Joey got the job!".  My brother, Joey,  just graduated from The College of Charleston in late November.  Soon after, he sadly packed up all of his belongings, loaded them into his jeep rangler and headed north indefinitely.  It's great to have him home, but for the first couple of weeks, I did feel bad for him.  He missed the constant warm weather, (so lucky) his pals, his own house and just the gorgeous city of Charleston in general.   He took a little "break" for about a month and then it was time to start the job search.  He applied to a couple jobs, got an interview, got a second interview and LANDED IT!  He accepted the position at a recruiting company yesterday and will be a proud professional in DC starting February 6th.  Congratulations, Joe on your first "real" job!  Welcome to the "real world", I'm so proud of you! 
Joe on his graduation day : )

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