Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bachelor stir fry style

Bachelor Monday was hosted by Ashley at her place this week.  We started off with some hummus (extra garlicy) and pita then quickly moved to a seriously delicious chicken stir fry and caesar salad accompanied by 3 bottles of wine.  Unfortunately, I was so wrapped up in all of the deliciousness, I forgot to take pictures.  Imagine... veggies, chicken, teriyaki sauce and a really good salad!  Yummm! 

Bachelor recap:  



Least favorite:
The girls (Amanda, Ash, Clare and Jess) and I decided that we can no longer deal with Courtney's mouth.  She moves it in a really weird and obnoxious way, bites her lip 105 times a day and the words that come out of her mouth make me cringe.  She's not a nice person at all, and it's very clear that this "model" is only on the show to win.  Poor Benny Boo Boo... I hope he realizes it soon!


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