Friday, September 16, 2011

Bahama Mama

Thursday nights are usually the nights when I paint my nails.  I have this sick obsession with nail polish and LOVE when my nails are painted.  This week I felt like I needed a change in pace and wanted to invest in a new color to use (I have about 100 different colors of nail polish as it is).  My friend Ashley, recommended a new color made by Essie called "Bahama Mama".  I looked up the color on the Essie website and LOVED it.  I marched my butt to CVS last night after work in hopes thatthey would have it and they did!  I snagged the very last one.  SCORE!  So, my night consisted of cleaning the apartment, laundry and nail painting with Bahama Mama.
I told my momma about it, too, and she wants me to bring it home for her to use!

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