Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jess makes din

Last night, Ash, Clare, Jess and myself got together for our weekly dinner and to watch Bachelor Pad.  Dinner was sooo good! Jess did such a great job.  She made coconut chicken and shrimp with rice and served it with a slightly spicy sauce.  I am definitely going to have to get the recipe from her.   H-A-MAAAZING! We ate our delicious dinner, drank a couple bottles of wine and watched a very  entertaining episode of Bach Pad.  I love our Monday nights together. : )
You just want to take a big bite of it right now, don't ya?
Because Jess' birthday was Friday night and we didn't get to see her (many scheduling conflicts), last night, Clare brought over a cake to celebrate.  The cake was really good.  It had a shaved vanilla icing with vanilla cake and a raspberry filling.  Good job, Clarie!
We love you, Jess
p.s. How could I forget the most memorable moment of last night?  Clare stepped in one on Winston's (Jess' dog) doggie pads that was filled with do-do! Never a dull moment!  I love my friends.  Unfortunately, I didn't think fast enough to jump up and snap a pic... you will just have to imagine ; )

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