Wednesday, June 8, 2011

a "worry stone"

When I was younger (not exactly sure how old precisely), my grandparents (who we call Ga and Satch) gave me a stone. They called the stone a "worry stone".  They told me that I was to rub it and all of my worries would float away.  I still have the stone today and I do rub it occasionally when I am super stressed/worried about something.  The stone reads  "A worry stone to ease your heart, rub it and your worries will depart".  I made a "worry stone" for Satch when he was battling lung cancer and I did catch him rubbing it from time to time.  I always hoped the stone eased his pain even just a little bit like it did mine. 

I think about him on a daily basis and I love and miss him more and more everyday.

RIP Satch

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