Thursday, May 5, 2011


Because this is my very first blog post ever, I wanted to mention the person who really inspired me to start blogging in the first place, my best friend Clare (we call each other KBF). Clare has been my best friend since high school, along with my two other BFFs from high school, Ashley and Jessi. We call ourselves "JACK", which is the first letter of each of our names, clever huh? : )

Ashley, Jessi, myself and Clare at my Birthday party last year
Let me tell you a little bit about each of them....

Clare has been my KBF (the meaning of the name is a secret) since sophmore year of high school.  We were placed in the same Spanish class and were besties ever since.  Clare married Noah (whom I love!) last August and I have never seen her happier.  Clare is the kind of person you can go forever with out seeing and still be just as close.  She's the best!

Clare and I in Georgia for the wedding
Next is Ashley.  Ash has been my friend since elementary school.  Ashley is the kind of loyal friend that everyone hopes to have.  She knows all of my secrets and still loves me anyway.  Ashley is most def my go-to for any advice.  She has a very old sole, but is still one of the most fun party girls I know!

Ash and I at a bar in Bethesda
Last but certainly not least is Jessi.  Jess has also been my friend since elementary school.  Jessi is probably the most self motivated, go-getter I know.  I truly admire the person she is.  She is hardworking and very determined.  She's going to be a Pharmacist one day VERY soon! 

Jessi and I on my Birthday
We are all very different, yet exactly the same, which is why we are so close.  We all live in different areas (Clare and Ashley are in different parts of VA, Jessi is in Baltimore and I am in Bethesda), so we don't see each other as much as we would like, but they are and always will be my best galpals. 

Everyone on Clare's wedding day

Ashley, myself, Clare and Jessi at Clare's rehearsal dinner
Clare, myself, Ashley and Jessi out in DC for Ashley's Birthday 
All of us at Clare's bachelorette


  1. I love it!! And i love you! Even if its been months since Ive seen you, I dont care because I love spending time with you. You are my kbf!! And I love that you are blogging now!

  2. Aw crap...I tried to post a comment like the day I read this, but I didn't do the security thing. Second try! And Kizzy, you are one of the nicest, sweetest, most genuine people I know, and I'm so lucky to have you as one of my besties!!! Love you lots and lots!!!