Friday, February 17, 2012

nail polish Thursday

I've desperately been wanting a specific type of nail polish for a little over a month now, and was holding off because it's EXTREMELY expensive for nail polish.  I was in Nordies the other day, ya know, just browsing, and the exact nail polish I've been looking for was just staring me in the face.  I could almost hear it chanting, "buy me, buy me, buy me!".  So, of course, I listened.  I bought $18.00 nail polish!  Omg, really?  It's just so pretty, perfect and sparkly.  I just haaaaad to.  I know, I'm crazy when it comes to nail polish.  Deborah Lippmann makes it and it's called "Happy Birthday".  There are other color assortments as well, but I figured I would save those for a rainy day. ; )

Once I had the nail polish, I just HAD to test it out.  It was "Nail Polish Thursday", so I had planned to paint my nails anyway.  I paired my new "Happy Birthday" polish with a color I already had and have used several times, Essie's "Buy me a Cameo".  It's really beautiful neutral color that looks great with a sparkle.

The final product turned out pretty well and I just love my new insanely expensive nail polish!

 Going along with the sparkle theme, I'm also loving my $5.00 sparkle earrings from Forever 21.   
Sorry the picture isn't super clear
Annnnd, my sparkle obsession continues!

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