Friday, February 24, 2012

girls night

Last night, two of my besties, Ash and Clare, came over for dinner and a night of Greys and catching up... which then led to nails.  We're such girls!
 I made a wheat pasta with veggies and a tomato, cucumber and onion salad.  I put out some garlic hummus and pita and it was a lovely little dinner.  Of course, we finished about two bottles of wine also...
That's what happens when you put the 3 of us together : )
We watched Greys, gossiped A LOT, ate, drank and had some fun girly time!  About half way through Greys, Ash and Clare noticed my sparkle nails that I had painted the night before.  Obv, they were interested in the sparkle and wanted to try it out themselves. Of course, I was super excited because I'm pretty much obsessed with my new Happy Birthday sparkle polish.  Clare already had a very pretty neutral color on, so she just applied the Happy Birthday sparkle on to that.  She used more sparkle than Ash and I did, and it looked really pretty!  Ash used the same base color that I had on, Essie - smokin' hot and put the Happy Birthday sparkle on top like me. 
What a fun night with best friends!

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