Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bachelor Italian Style

It's time for Tuesday Bachelor talk!  Girls Bachelor night was hosted by Jess last night.  Once again, all of the girls weren't able to come, however, Jess, Ash, Natalie and myself managed to finish close to two bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne while we watched Ben F. and his gross hair.  I have to say, after last night, I like Ben F. more than I did.  There was something about his date with Lindzi that I really liked.  He is a little awkward at times and he is very corny, but I'm corny too. I like corny!  Ben F. went up a couple numbers on my scale after last night.   He's still not my fav by any means, I just don't feel utter hatred for him anymore. : )

The girls and I started the night with some chips and salsa, veggies and dip and some cheese and crackers.  After we devoured some finger foods, we were ready for the main course.  Jess made homemade pizza and it was amazing.  I'm not kidding... it was seriously delicious.  She made a Hawaiian pizza and a pepperoni pizza.  Because I'm probably the only person in America that doesn't like Hawaiian pizza, I opted for the pepperoni.  I topped it with some parmesan cheese and hot pepper flakes.  The recipe for the dough is on her blog, Rainbow Sprinkles if you want to check it out like me! 

 After we were full from pizza, Jess brought out mini cupcakes that her parents brought from New York last weekend.  They were not only adorable, but delicious as well.  YUM!
TOTALLY hit the spot
I chose a cookie dough cupcake (which is the picture above) and a smore cupcake 
Jess had a fire going, which really gave us a super cozy feeling especially because it was raining.  It was the perfect touch to Girls Bachelor Night. 

 We popped the bubbly around 9:30 and it was gone soon after.  There's something about drinking wine/champagne/fun drinks while watching The Bachelor with your girlfriends.  Girls Bachelor Mondays have really turned into the best tradition ever!

On to spinning tonight!  It's time to get back in my gym routine!

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