Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Joey graduates from college!

This past weekend was Joey's graduation from the College of Charleston in South Carolina.  Lindz and the kids weren't able to come, so it was my parents, Kelly and myself that traveled together.  We had such a great time!  We got there Friday afternoon, met up with Joey, and basically just walked around the beautiful town eating and shopping.  Saturday was the actual graduation.  I was super impressed by the ceremony.  Not only was it gorgeous, but the length was perfect and the speaker was great!  The boys wore tuxes and the girls wore black dresses.  My mom, Kell and I had the best time checking out all the beautiful shoes that the girls wore with their plain black dresses.  Joey looked sooooo handome!  We had a great celebratory dinner that night as well.  We got up super early on Sunday to hit the road for Richmond.  We hung out in Richmond the rest of Sunday and came home Monday afternoon.  It was such a great time being with everyone and celebrating our baby brother's graduation.  We still can't believe he is a college grad!  Congratulations, Joe!  All of your hard work has payed off.  I can't wait to have you back home!  : )
I wouldn't want to leave either if I lived near palm trees for four years
So handsome in his graduation tux!
by the water

palm trees lit up for Christmas.  Seriously, so pretty
Mom and Dad at the ceremony
Who can find Joe?
Getting his diploma : )
The girls of the weekend in Mom and Dad's hotel room

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