Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm back!

I apologize for my lack of posting in the last several days.  I had pretty much fallen of the blog world, but I'm back!  I've been pretty consumed with the holidays, but now everything is beginning to slow down a bit, and I can breath again!  Christmas was wonderful this year.  I spent time with my whole family, I saw relatives that I don't see often and I spent some time with Kev and his family.  To be honest, it was a tad stressful at some points with making time for Kev's family, but we miraculously pulled it off! Liza and Sammy had a great time Christmas morning... Sammy still asks to watch Christmas with Barney, lol.  It was wonderful having a everyone home at my parent's house, what a full house we had!

Christmas with Barney sure was a hit!
Sammy happy as a clam Christmas morning
Liza about to pass out on the steps (lol) after opening all the presents.  Please note her new princess barbie who is also about to pass out.

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