Thursday, October 6, 2011

Revenge + tasty din

My new favorite show was on last night... REVENGE!  It's such an entertaining show and it really makes you think about certain things.  I was even able to get Kev into it.  I made him watch the first episode on demand last night and he liked we watched the second episode, too (second time for me).  At 10:00 we could hardly wait for the new one to come on.  It's soooooo good.  While we were watching, we made a pretty darn good dinner.  We had cream of crab soup, super good salads, and chicken with honey mustard.  We topped it off with some wine.  First, the sparking wine from Ali in a can with a straw (hehe) and then we moved onto the wine that Brent and Amanda got me "Forever", which is a type of Riesling.  It was very fruity and good.  Thanks, Ali, Amanda and Brent!  Ah, it was a good night. : ) 
the can of sparkling wine, crab soup (we added old bay generously), a salad with veggies and chicken with honey mustard PLUS, the remote for Revenge

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