Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Last night I was in a bit of  pickle.  After work, I ran home to grab some work clothes for today because I was going to go over to have dinner at Kevin's house.  He got me sushi and everything.  Here's where the problem comes in, I was rushing around because I wanted to get over there at a reasonable hour and as I was leaving, I dropped my keys down the elevator shaft.  That hole is abnormally huge!  I freaked out slightly until I realized I needed to call my landlord to see if he could help.  Of course, being the nice man that he is, he ran over to give me a spare set of my apartment keys.  Good 'ol Jimbo never lets us down.  We called the apartment emergency number and they told me they wouldn't be able to help until this morning.  Naturally, panic set in again. I have work tomorrow, I need my car keys, my work keys, my OC pic of Kev and I, the note Ali secretly stuck in my coach pouch, everything! My parents drove over to give me the spare set of car keys so if for some reason I couldn't get them early today, I would be able to get to work ( my parents are the best).  I felt a little bit better after seeing them.  7:30 am came rolling around and I hear a knock at the door, it was my saving grace with keys in hand. The elevator guy saved the day!  Happy early birthday to me!  I tell ya, I never really thought about how important these keys are!

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