Wednesday, September 14, 2011

desired piercings

Do you ever wish you got a tattoo or a piercing before you felt as if you were too old for it?  I was thinking about it and the fact that I will be 26 years old next Wednesday this morning as I was putting my earrings on for work.  I've never been one to desire a tattoo, not that I'm against them, I just never felt that I had something special enough to me to be put permanently on my body.  However, I have always wanted a particular piercing.  It would be in my ear, so it's not too crazy, but I still think I missed the boat for it...
Here it is!
Isn't it cute?  I think so.  My friend Kaitlyn had it in college and I loved it (I wish I had a close up picture of hers - it's so cute on her)!  If I had more guts, I totally would have gotten it in college, but instead, I let my time slip away.  If I had gotten it years ago and still had it, I would totally rock it today, but since I would be me getting it for the first time at age 26, I think I'll have to pass.  I will always think it's super cool, though!

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