Thursday, August 11, 2011

OBX recap

Our annual Outer Banks trip this summer was one of the best ones we have ever been on.  Everyone was there, which made it amazing.  Liza and Sammy loved the beach, which was perfect for our family since we love the beach more than the average person.

Here are a couple recaps from the trip:
The water was crystal clear and warm the whole time.  SO awesome!
Our many early morning walks to the beach - the beach was about a 3 minute walk from the house
Liza running around on the first day
We think Sammy liked the mini pool we brought the best
The boys went fishing two mornings
Lindz and the kiddos - so great to have them there!
Lu being pulled around on Joey's boogie board - loved it
Sam loved the wind at the beach
Joey helped dig a giant hole for us to sit in and wait for the water to get us
Lu playing in the waves
Joe wants Sam to play rugby... Lindz does NOT ; )
Love his little white hat
Everyone on our last day - over here, Sammy! : )
I can hardly wait for next years trip. Hopefully Kev will be able to come then.... I want to go back now!

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  1. Lu and Sam have gotten so big! Love all the pictures!