Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday's earthquake caused quite the panic in a lot of areas, mine included.  I was in my eighteen story highrise office building in Bethesda when the earthquake started.  Where were you?  The building literally was swaying and things on desks and walls were shaking.  It was actually quite terrifying.  Everyone had their own idea as to what was happening until about ten seconds into it when a co worker came out and said "It's an earthquake, it's happening all over".  That's when it really hit me.  Where was my family?  Where was Kevin?  Ashley was away on a business trip - is she ok?  So many questions and NO cell phones were working.  The only message that I managed to send was one to my mom right as it was happening that read "OMG earthquake".  I learned that it originated in Virginia.  My heart stopped.  Lindzie, Kevin, Liza, Sammy and Kelly live there.  Where were they?  

We did evacuate the building and after about twenty minutes, we thought it was safe to go back in.  Once I got to my desk, I immediately called Lindzie to find out that everyone was a-ok.  She was on the other line with my mom who told her that my dad, Kelly and Joey were all safe - check.  Next on the list, Kevin.  Kevin was still outside when I got in touch with him - he was ok - check.  Once I was finished checking in with them, I texted Ash and she didn't even feel it - check.  Once I realized that there was little to no damage I was able to stop checking on people.  I have to admit, I was pretty scared - so glad that's over!

Glad nothing like this happened!

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