Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to 2 good friends

Today is a special day.  It marks the day of two of my friend's birthdays! 

I became friends with Jess a little over a year ago when she moved from Florida to VA to live with Ashley.  Ash and Jess went to college at the University of Florida together and were sorority sisters and best friends.  What's the best thing about best friends best friends?  They become your friends!  I'm so happy that Ash met Jess and introduced her to me because she is such a good friend.  She has such a great outlook on life and is always so positive, which is really something I admire about her.  Here's to many more years of friendship.  Happy Birthday, Jess! Love ya!

Today is also Sheila's birthday! Sheila is one of the Pivos... the Cunningham's closest family friends.  Sheila is so much fun to be around... there is never a dull moment with her.  She is hilarious, she has a great sense of humor, she can make anyone laugh, she is super sweet and so much more.  I'm so glad that I can call Sheila one of my friends.  Happy Birthday, Sheila! I hope it's a great one! Love ya!

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