Monday, July 11, 2011

weekends need to be longer

This weekend was surprisingly very fun.  Kevin and I had planned on not planning anything except relaxing all weekend.  That plan quickly disappeared.  Friday night was spent with my close friend, Christine, her boyfriend, Eric and Kevin.  We went to Bonefish Grill for dinner and drinks and had a blast.  It's always a good time with those two!  
Dinner was great!  We had a few beers, crab dip appetizer and I got an ahi tuna sandwich.  Delish!
Kev and Eric
Teen and I

The majority of my Saturday was unfortunately spent at work.  We are preparing for a huge trial, so I was needed to help organize and prepare for that.  

Saturday night on the other hand was great!  We went to a bar in Bethesda, Tommy Joes and saw lots of friends.  I love when that happens!  
Ash, me, Jess
Kev, me, Brent, Amanda
Justin, Kev, Sam
Brooke, me, Amanda
Teen, me, Seals
  My parents had a small BBQ pool party on Sunday.  We went over to my parent's around 11:00 to help set up.  Some of my cousins and my aunt and uncle came over shortly after.  It was a great pool day!
Joey playin in the pool

Kev and I floatin around
Cousins - Jake and Zeke - love them!

 Great weekend with SOME relaxation ; )

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