Tuesday, July 26, 2011

fun and friends

This past weekend was packed in with fun and friends.  We went to Baltimore to visit some friends Friday, we went to a crab feast birthday party Saturday and Kev and I had a nice little "Sunday Funday" on Sunday with drinks and a movie.  It was one heck of a weekend!  

So, Baltimore Friday night to see Jessi's new place and to go out in Fed Hill : )
I love that my friends and Kev love each other... especially Jess and Kev ; )
my BFF, Joey since I was in 1st grade... I missed you!
We even ran into Kev's cousin, Danny... so fun seeing you!!!!
Saturday morning was not fun... we were out late and woke up relatively early to come home.  Kev, Ash and I got on the road around 10:00 and were dying the whole ride.  We got into Bethesda and Ash and I decided we needed bloody mary's to kick our head aches.  We headed to Black Finn for some lunch and early bevies. 
2 BM's (Ash and I) and a mimosa (Kev)
Later that day, we headed over to the Pivo's for Angie's crab feast birthday party.  I saw friends that I hadn't seen in a long time and had a blast.  We played corn hole, beer pong and of course, flip cup.  SO much fun!
Sheila, Kev, me, Meri
Me, Sheila, Eileen
Meri, Eileen, Sheila, me, Angie
Sunday was our day of relaxation.  We slept in until around noon and decided we were hungry and wanted to go see Harry Potter (well, Kev wanted to see it - I went for the popcorn!).  We went to lunch at Red Rock Canyon and once again, I had my BM - it was probably the best I have ever had!  We walked around a little and saw ducks before heading the to movie.  It was a great Sunday
I wish weekends lasted forever...

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