Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ivy

Growing up, we had a dog named Holly.  She was a golden retriever mixed with a black lab.  My dad got her for my mom one Christmas and shortly after, they had their first kid - my sister, Lindzie.  Holly was the sweetest dog, but I only remember her being old.  She lived to be sixteen years old and lived a pretty darn good life.  we loved her more than anything.  Holly passed and a few years later, we moved into a larger home and decided that we needed another dog.  My mom wanted a black lab (her favorite kind of dog) and everyone agreed.  I was the one who ended up picking out exactly which one we got, which is actually very special to me.  I picked the runt of the litter even after everyone there told me it wasn't a good idea.  My parents and siblings of course supported my decision happily.  We named her Ivy after the Christmas book Holly and Ivy.  Ivy was so important to us, not only because she was a new addition to our family, but because we saw a little bit of Holly in her.  Ivy ended up living a wonderful life.  She lived to be twelve years old, until the dreaded day we had to put her to sleep.  I will never forget that day.  It was one of the hardest things I have ever been through.  Saying goodbye and "I love you" to her for the last time is something that is still hard to think about even after three years have gone by.  I still walk into my parents house sometimes and expect to see her run up to me or hear her collar jingling or see her laying in her bed.  I know how much Ivy, Liza and Sammy would have loved each other and they will never get the chance to know each other.  3 days ago, on July 11th, Ivy would have been fifteen years old.  Happy Birthday, Ives!  We love and miss you so much!
Ives LOVED the beach - just like her fam : )

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