Sunday, June 19, 2011


This weekend was great. 

I had a relaxing Friday night that started off with a mani pedi...
and ended with sangria.  Lots and lots of sangria...
We had our friends, Shane and Libby over Friday night which resulted in a few games of beer pong...
Always such a good time with those two!

Saturday was spent at a BBQ at our friend, Brian's house.  Brian and his girlfriend, Jess are moving to Bethesda in July.  YAY!!!

Jess and Brian

Jess, me, Ash
We drank MORE sangria at the BBQ and played MORE beer pong...
The girls won!

Jess' dog, Winston even made an appearance!

That night, we all went out to Tommy Joes in Bethesda where we saw a lot of long lost friends.  Whata reunion!

Ash, Kev, me, Tommy

BFF's... so excited to live so close so soon!

two peas in a pod ; )
Kev and Tommy REALLY missed eachother!

Another great weekend with great people! 

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