Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Salis Memories

One of my fondest memories in life thus far is college.  I loved everything about college.  I went to Salisbury University where I was fortunate enough to make some of the best friends I could have hoped for.  Unfortunately, we are all very busy and some don't live around the same area so it makes it a little more difficult to see them, but when I do see them, it's like nothing has changed.  These are my people.  They always will be. 

Teen, Carie, Jen, me and Kait
Jen, Kim, Christina, me, Teen, Kait, Trish
Wade, Ryan, Trish, me, Teen, Matt, Tray, Christina, Jen, Carie
me, Teen, Kait
Teen, Christina, me, Kait
Kimmy, Christina, Teen, Jen, me, Trish
Jen, me, Kait, Carie
Teen, Kait, Kim, me, Carie, Trish, Ryan, Jay

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