Sunday, June 12, 2011

relaxation and puppy sitting

This was a much needed relaxing weekend.  We went to a bar called Looneys on Friday night with a few friends from college which was tons of fun because we got to dance - A LOT!  Saturday was spent relaxing while sipping on bloody marys, orange crushes, beers and boone's farm... we had a great time spending time with great people.  Saturday was mostly dedicated to a cute little puppy named Jaks.  Jaks is Kevin's brother, Brent and his girlfriend, Amanda's puppy.  They were out of town, so I jumped on taking care of Jaks.  Who doesn't want to spend time with an adorable puppy?  I even got some quality family time in on Sunday while floating in the pool.  Amazing. 

Libs and I at Looneys
Jaks just hanging out
sleepy puppy
too cute
Libs LOVES Jaks
Kev harassing Jaks
wrestling with Jaks
some of the guys hangin
my parent's pool

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