Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kell

Kelly's birthday weekend in Richmond went off without a hitch!  We went on a long walk to the "bagel store" on Saturday (which was a beautiful day), we played dress-up, we ate lots of ice cream cake, we played in Liza's crab sandbox, we saw ducks, we snuggled A LOT and so much more!  It was such a great time.  Kelly had a wonderful birthday. 
Liza helped Kell blow out the candles
the vanilla part is the best!  This is our fam tradition - every birthday, we all get the Carvel ice cream cake - sooo good!
pretty view on our walk
They were more excited once we got bagels!
Liza's favorite animal was spotted
She likes to walk or be carried - I was secretly glad she wanted to be carried : )
Sammers loves being outside
TOO CUTE - look at those curls!
Sam ate cheerios for the first time this weekend
dress-up - I looooved it too when I was little

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